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Man, for such a short month I made a ridiculous number of icons in February, a few of which I'm not able to post yet though hopefully those will be out soon! In this post are icons from a couple battles that I had a lot of fun with: a Community battle and a Farscape battle. Also included in this post are a few icons made for my big bang at [ profile] beacon_hills and a couple miscellaneous icons for other communities.

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This post contains 50 Once Upon a Time icons made for a battle here with [ profile] kirtash_girl, [ profile] prunae, [ profile] the_silverdoe, and [ profile] vintagic. I've been waiting to post these for awhile and the battle was finally posted today!

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Feb. 3rd, 2013 01:14 pm
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The icons in this post were primarily made for a challenge at [ profile] tvrealm where we had to create graphics inspired by three genres of music: pop, rock, and classical. There are also a couple of Teen Wolf icons for icontests. :)

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You have no idea how happy I am to finally be able to post icons! They've been building up in my "to post" folder but there were either too few of them or they were tied to battles and icontests so I couldn't post. I also have a huge batch of Once Upon a Time icons coming soon as well as icons for Rumblr which I probably won't post until the end of the round.
The first set of icons here is from a Fifth Element battle with the always fabulous messdestruction. Following those icons are icons from the fourth guild battle at The Fortress. Finally, there are a few miscellaneous icons.
I have a thread open here at Ask the Maker 4.0 if you'd like to request tutorials or guides to how I icon. :)

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